Fishing Tournament Cheaters Stopped

fishing barrel

Editor’s Note: Video has been removed by the user.

Angler Toby Lillard had a friend share a video after he discovered a 55-gallon drum filled with a limit of big largemouth bass on Barkley Lake. The drum had holes drilled in it and a makeshift door for quick, easy access to the fish which were attached to culling buoys.

Fishing tournament cheaters have been known to sink these drums beneath the water and fill them with fish they catch during the days leading up to the tournament. When the tournament starts, they’ll sneak back to the drum, retrieve the fish, put them in their livewells and weigh them in.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, we strongly suggest you immediately contact your local DNR and give them the exact location of the trap. Do not tamper with or empty the trap. This will allow the game wardens to set up a sting operation so they can catch and charge the ones responsible when they return to retrieve the fish.