Fishing line


Swapping over fishing line is one of the things that I’ve been least prepared to do in the past as the fall rolls in. I use a lot of braided line in the summer that needs to be swapped out for fluorocarbon in the fall. And the fluoro I have been using in the summer tends to be larger than what I like in the fall, so it also has to be swapped out.

In addition, I rarely use monofilament any time of year other than the fall, so if I even have mono left on a reel, it’s a year old by the time fall comes along.

Having all the line you’ll need to swap over for fall fishing is critical to ensuring an effective fall season. A lot the baits we use in the fall are greatly impacted by line size. Throwing a 1/4-ounce scrounger on 17-pound test fluoro is very different from throwing it on 12-pound test. The same can be said for small spinnerbaits, crankbaits, lipless cranks and various other lures. Line size may impact fall fishing more than any other time of year over all. It’s not necessarily as important as it is when fishing a drop shot in the summer perhaps, but overall it’s more important in the fall than it is with all the techniques in another season for example.

So now is the time to stock up to ensure you have the line you need to swap over. Don’t wait until the first few cold nights set in and then everyone is put on high alert. If you go ahead and stock up now, the retailers will likely have a chance to restock before the fall fishing rush hits and it’ll help spread out some of the demand.