First things first: Why use tungsten?


Tungsten bass fishing weights have become quite popular in recent years. As opposed to traditional lead weights, tungsten weights are much denser which results in more sensitivity and a compact profile. They allow you to feel slight changes in bottom composition with ease and their small size lets you penetrate heavy cover with much less hassle. 

While tungsten may cost a bit more, I certainly believe it’s worth the extra money. Every guide client I’ve had has been blown away by the difference once I slide a tungsten weight on their line. 

With all of that being said, all tungsten is not created equal. I’ve used some really bad stuff in the past that resulted in broken lines, lost fish and wasted money. I’ve been testing the WOO! Tungsten Flipping Weights lately, however, and I’ve quickly become a big fan of them. 

I’ll quickly go through my favorite features of this impressive bass fishing weight.