First things first: It’s the lightest Lew’s reel yet


When you put the Team Lew’s Hyper Mag Speed Spool SLP in your hand for the first time, you’ll immediately notice its weightlessness. As earlier mentioned, it’s 5.1 ounces and the frame is quite small, but don’t mistake its subtle profile for weakness. This reel can handle just about anything you put it through. 

Featuring a sturdy, one-piece Magnesium frame and C45 Carbon side plates, you won’t feel any flex in the frame of this reel, even under a heavy load. A large part of the weight reduction actually comes from the new spool design, which is pictured above. It’s made from aircraft-grade duralumin, which increases its strength and longevity while decreasing the overall weight of the reel. 

This is certainly one of the more comfortable reels I’ve tested in recent years. I was actually pretty surprised how noticeable the weight difference was when compared to some of my other casting reels in the 6-ounce range. It might sound like I’m splitting hairs, but you’ll absolutely be able to tell the difference. It balances most rods quite nicely and makes those long days on the water even more enjoyable. I’ve been really impressed by the way it makes your rod and reel feel like one, cohesive unit.