First problem solved

upside-down crankbait used for bass fishing

There are a few problems that arise when trying to fish a lot of the finesse crankbaits out there. The biggest drawback with baits in this category is their castability. Often, it feels like you’re trying to cast a potato chip, as we often describe it. This causes many anglers to have to resort to spinning gear for this kind of fishing, which has additional benefits in the eyes of some but is simply a nuisance for me personally, as I’d rather be able to fish anything I can on a baitcaster.

Hardcore granted that wish for me by incorporating a magnetic weight transfer system into the SR 60 that greatly increases its castability compared to other baits in this category. This system consists of a spherical tungsten weight that is able to roll up and down a chamber between the belly and the tail of the bait. The weight locks into a magnet in the belly when being fished and dislodges to load up in the tail when casting. Putting this weight in the tail makes the bait aerodynamic on the cast which helps the bait soar through the air like a dart, versus flailing around like a potato chip.