Finesse pop, fantastic walk


The Savage Gear Hop Popper Frog is a popping frog, obviously with that characteristic in the name of the bait. But this popping frog is a little more finesse. The bait is about the size of most other “regular-sized” popping frogs but it sits high in the water and the mouth doesn’t really chug and move a lot of water like some other, more aggressive popping frogs. That’s not a deterrent for me really though and in fact, it gives me a frog that does a little something different so it kind of creates its own spot in my tackle box.

But the really impressive thing about this frog is how well it walks. I like to walk all frogs at times but most popping frogs I tend to just pop along. You can do that with the Hop Popper Frog by working the bait with your rod tip down and a nice, rhythmic cadence. But it’s amazing how easy it is to walk this frog and that is honestly the way I choose to fish it most of the time.

I took these pictures for instance, holding my camera in one hand and flicking the star-shaped drag control with my left hand. I wasn’t even twitching the rod tip in these pics; I was simply one-handed flicking the drag. This thing is ridiculously easy to walk and, for that reason, a frog I would highly recommend to any angler having a hard time learning how to walk a frog or just starting out frog fishing.