Fine details


Now this is where it gets down to catching fishermen instead of fish sometimes, but still, I think attention to detail is impressive and can certainly make a difference when it comes to finesse topwaters like this one in particular. Ark did a fine job mixing an intricate paint scheme with a detailed texture pattern that comes off the mold. Add to that the iridescent hue that reflects off the side of the bait when it hits the sun just right and you’ve got yourself a bait that mimics a lot of the things that make a shad standout in the water.

That’s just this one paint scheme; Ark offers 18 in total in their TS-115. I’ve reviewed a few of the Ark hard baits now and they all seem to have a handful of things in common. There’s a good bit of attention to detail, quality and durability, and the baits always come in at a very reasonable price point with most of their hard baits coming in under 8 bucks. Which is really, really impressive. So again, kudos on that.