Find these 3 rods and catch crappie every time

Jason shooting docks

Shoot docks, dip shallow cover, cast to deep suspending fish, pitch to submerged brush piles and stake beds, fish laydowns, tightline jigs to lethargic fish, snipe them, stalk them and catch them. Three rods is all you need to be efficient at all of the casting/jigging techniques that I’ve been able to use to catch crappie every single month last year. Hopefully I can slip out this weekend and keep the streak alive.

I think Jenko and B’n’MPoles have some of the best long rods for vertical fishing and dipping cover. Other good ones include Todd Huckabee rods, ACC Crappie Stix, and Lew’s Pro Target rods.

For a shooting rod, the B’n’M Poles Sharp Shooter is my favorite right now. I also like the Wally Marshall Classic rods. Other good ones include the Jenko HyperSense Marksman and St. Croix Panfish rods.

For casting from a distance, I like the Jenko Trick Stick Light and the B’n’M Poles 75 Series combo.

You can find Jenko rods at, or

You can find B’n’M Poles at

You can find Lew’s Mr. Crappie rods at, and