Finally, a hand-tied skirt


Hand-tied jig skirts are becoming really tough to find unless you track them down through a custom jig builder. You’ll run across a lot of skirts that are held on by a single rubber band that either dry rots after a month or gets completely jacked up after catching a nice bass. I’ve tested many of these jigs and some of them leave more skirt material on my boat carpet than the actual jig. 

The Z-Man CrossEyeZ Flipping Jig skirt is 100 percent silicone and hand-tied with copper wire. You can slap it on the water, knock it against docks and catch a pile of bass without a single strand coming out of place. You can even tug on the skirt to purposely mess it up and it won’t budge. This is a huge selling point for me. 

I expected the price point to be higher because of this welcomed addition, but it’s still holding firm at $4.99.