Final thoughts


The Jewel Pro Spider Finesse Jig is a really good one. I’ve used Jewel Jigs for years and though they make several quality baits, their specialty has always been in the finesse jig category in my opinion. Designing a jig that is less intimidating and confined to a small package, while still ensuring it packs enough of a punch to land the big ones is a bit tricky I’m sure.

From the bend of the hook down to its orientation and subtle trick the designers did with the skirt collar, this bait is built to be dragged through some nasty stuff, unlock the most unwilling jaw and bring that fish to the boat. Remember when downsizing baits, you have to downsize the gear. Back off the drag a little, take a step or two down on the rod size and lighten up on the line. Then just tie one of these bad boys on and go to work. 

The Jewel Baits Pro Spider Jig is available here.