Final thoughts

bass eats topwater bass fishing lure

The Storm Rattlin’ Chug Bug has done what few early artificial lures have been able to do, it has stood the test of time. This means that even though it’s been around for a while, it’s not a bait you should sleep on. The Rattlin’ Chug Bug’s body style and durable teaser tail hook are a couple of the design features that set this lure apart. Then the two size options and vast color selection really round this lure off as a topwater to contend with.

You can walk the Rattlin’ Chug Bug side-to-side, chug it along slowly or scurry it back across the water’s surface like it’s fleeing. And the sharp, thin-wire, round-bend hooks are ready to latch onto whatever takes a swing at it. At $7.99, the Rattlin’ Chug Bug is a reasonably priced topwater that will catch fish and last a long time.

The Storm Rattlin’ Chug Bug is available at and