Final thoughts

bass fishing frog

There is still the option to bend your frog hook up a little if you want. But if you’re looking for another alternative, Ryugi has created a great hook that will eliminate a lot of the guess work of trying to create the perfect bend on your own. Swapping the hook out isn’t necessary with every frog, since some brands come with a good bend to the hook straight out of the pack now. You should be able to look at the stock hook and tell if it has a good bend based on the angle of the hook point compared to the back of the bait. If the hook point runs parallel, consider swapping it out. If there’s an upward angle to the hook, you’re good.

If you do decide to swap a hook out, it’s pretty easy. Just tie a foot or so of braid to your current hook, pull the hook out backwards, cut the old hook off and tie the new hook on. Use the braid to pull that hook back through. It’s really that simple most of the time. Just make sure you pick the right size hook for your particular frog and you should see a large increase in your hookup ratio compared to the stock hook.