Final thoughts

topwater bass fishing lure in bass mouth

I wouldn’t say this bait totally replaces all other walking-style topwaters out there but instead it gives you a unique alternative to a lot of the other baits that are similar in size. The prop and clacker built into the belly of this bait really move it into a lane all its own. What I thought might have looked a little gimmicky at first really adds a good bit of unique action to the bait.

With super sharp hooks, 12 color options and a unique action, the Spin Walker is a great topwater for targeting bass that are keying in on bream, bluegill and other baitfish. With an MSRP of $19.95, you can currently grab them for a steal at Tackle Warehouse which has them on sale at $10.98. I think this is one of those baits that some anglers may be hesitant to try at first just because it does look so different, but they’ll really be impressed with if they ever do give it a chance. That was my experience, at least.

The 13 Fishing Spin Walker is available at