Final thoughts

soft-plastic bass fishing baits

If you’re looking to catch fish shallow, try pitching a Texas rig, jig or Tokyo rig around cover. There are subtle differences that make each bait better suited for certain situations. If the fish are aggressive, if you’re wanting to fish cover that’s more horizontal or if you’re really looking for a bulky, slow-falling bait, a jig gives you the best tool to accomplish these things.

But if you’re looking to slow down and pick cover apart, a Texas rig or Tokyo rig may be the better bet. Sometimes, the gliding, slow fall of a Texas-rigged creature bait is capable of drawing strikes when nothing else will. Then other times, a slow fished Tokyo rig is able to put a bait in a fish’s face and keep it there and it’s something they just can’t resist. Sometimes, you’ll just have to try all three and let the fish tell you what works best. But you can almost always get bit on one of these three presentations shallow.