Final thoughts

bass fishing split shot

You might have to play around with the size split shot to use, as well as the options of either using one bigger one or a couple smaller ones depending on the particular presentation. I personally like using the split shots with the little ears on them, so I can pry them back off and reuse them for something else later. But the ones that are more perfectly spherical work well too.

Also be sure to be careful any time you’re clamping one of the split shots to your line, not to pinch it too hard. It can make a weak spot in your line and cause your line to break if you clamp it down really hard. It’s a good idea to check the inside of the split shot prior to clamping it on your line, to make sure there aren’t any sharp burrs or edges that might cut the line.

Outside of those couple of tips, these are three pretty straightforward ways to try using a split shot the next time you go bass fishing. You can create a little E-rig for finesse Carolina rig situations or you can add a little belly weight to the hook of a swimbait by clamping it on your hook to help keep it down. There’s also the option to create a little weighted wacky rig to get that finesse presentation just a little bit deeper a little bit quicker. Feel free to let us know if there are other ways you use split shots for bass fishing.