Final thoughts

shallow-water grass for bass fishing

No matter where you live, you’re going to have some of these random warm fronts pop up before you’re really expecting them. They could happen anywhere from January to April depending on your location. Personally speaking, the first thing I do when the new year arrives is rig up several ChatterBaits, shallow crankbaits, Texas rigs and 3/8-ounce flipping jigs. It may be 20-something degrees outside my shop while I’m rigging but who knows… it could be 60-degrees in a few nights. Mother Nature is unpredictable and as outdoorsmen, we need to do everything possible to remain prepared for the unexpected.

Please take the time to pay attention to overnight low temperatures, get out there in the warmest part of the day and if that pesky cold weather comes back, don’t let it derail your game plan. Move off the bank 10 feet or so and pick up a jerkbait; you’ll be shocked by the size of the fish you catch.