Final thoughts

bass fishing drop shot in hand

I really like the packaging of these hooks. A nice little paper holder in a clam shell package keeps the hooks secure and ready to go when they’re called upon. At $3.99 for a 4-pack, they come in at a little over a dollar apiece when figuring in tax. But remember, you can rig these a little different and run less of a risk losing them than you would rigging another hook on a traditional drop shot. Ranging in eight sizes from 8 to a 2/0, you have lots of options there.

By incorporating a swivel, the Spin Shot Drop Shot Hook has made drop shotting a little more approachable for the angler who is a novice to both the finesse fishing and fancy knots games. VMC has also helped eliminate a lot of line twists with this hook, fixing one of the biggest drawbacks to drop shotting all while providing a super sharp, well-designed hook that keeps your nose-hooked bait in place. A well thought out and revolutionary hook that I’ve enjoyed putting to the test.

The VMC Spin Shot Drop Shot Hook is available at the following online retailers: