Final thoughts

bass fishing crankbait in hand

It’s obvious I’m a fan of this one, but with good reason. The addition of the Shad SR 60 to my arsenal gives me a bait to use for a style of fishing I simply refused to participate in much before. I didn’t like having to fight and fish a finesse crankbait because most were too hard to throw and too inconsistent on the retrieve. The Shad SR 60, through the magnetic weight system, fixed weight and bill design, solved a lot of the issues I had with finesse cranking.

But in addition to all of that, this bait has a fantastic set of thin-wire, sharp hooks perfect for penetrating a lethargic fish’s tough lips in cold water. There’s also a wide range of colors. Some, like the Pearl Holographic Shad I spent my time testing out, having a particularly attractive look to them with a combination of transparency, eye-catching chrome and dazzling glitter. All this for a price tag of $9.99, which doesn’t make it the most affordable bait in its genre. But I’d say bang for your buck-wise, the Hardcore Shad SR60 is pretty hard to beat.

The Hardcore Shad SR 60 is available at