Final thoughts

package of bass fishing jigheads

Available in five different eye colors and with three weight choices ranging from 1/8-ounce to 1/4-ounce, you have a pretty good variety of options in the Z-Man Weedless Eye Jighead. I’m glad I had the opportunity to review this product because it opened my eyes to a whole new rigging option for fishing swimbaits around vegetation. The weed guard does a great job keeping weeds off the hook but is still flexible enough to get out of the way on a hookset.

A three pack comes in at $6.99 so I’d say they’re definitely worth giving a shot if you’re looking for something like this. I’d recommend going with the 1/4-ounce if you’re wanting to fish down in submerged vegetation and the 3/16-ounce or even 1/8-ounce if you’re fishing through vegetation that’s higher in the water column or even sticking out of the water like the water willow I was fishing. Either way, because of the head design, this bait should stay upright and come through most anything you want to fish it through.

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