Final thoughts


I like these sunglasses. I’d like to see this frame offered in an amber lens at some point, just because I like the frame so much and I like amber lenses. But Strike King does offer amber lenses in several of their other frames so I may just check some of those out at some point. But these glasses fit well, feel good and about a month into wearing them everyday seem to be built to last. The polarized lenses do a great job of letting me see down into the water and the trim pieces and larger frame allow me to be comfortable while doing so.

At $39.99, the Strike King Optics S11 Sunglasses offer a quality pair of shades for a reasonable price. At this price, I’m not constantly paranoid that I’ll set them down somewhere and forget them, drop them in the water or scratch them working in the yard. But I can definitely say they are a great deal nicer than what you could get for half the price at a gas station. So if you’re looking for something like that, I’d say give these a try. 

You can find Strike King S11 Sunglasses here: