Final thoughts


This is just one application of this thought process. Say you’re fishing around docks; if the fish are relating to poles and suspended several feet below the service, it would be better to use a swimbait trailer and let the bait get down. If they’re positioned more under the floating docks and are sitting up high in the shade, it would make more sense to swim a jig under them with a craw trailer.

Most anglers take into account the profile and presentation when selecting a trailer. We were taught to match the hatch in our angling infancy, whether that came at five or 50 years of age. But that’s where a lot of anglers leave it when it comes to deciphering the best swim jig trailer for the job. If you really take a look at the rates of fall and stall when it comes to swim jig trailers, you can become much more efficient and therefore more effective with your swim jig fishing.