Final thoughts


There are several ways to make the most out of whatever water you have to fish. If you’re in the back of the boat, keep one eye on everything the other angler is doing and the other eye on the back graph if possible. If you’re fishing behind yourself in a productive area, swallow that pride and pick up something a little different for another trip around. We often think we’ve caught every fish in an area when we get a few bites but that is rarely ever a fact.

If the angler in the front of the boat is catching fish pretty regular and skipping a lot of cover, don’t be ashamed to tie on the exact same thing and hit whatever they miss. If the bass are just swiping at the other angler’s bait, back off on your presentation a bit and try to bring something more finesse along the exact same trails. And always make sure when you want to recycle your own water, to do it from a different direction. If you’ll implement some of these simple tactics, you’re guaranteed to catch more fish.