Final impressions

Buzbe Fast Flatz Bait Bag XL

This is one of those products that can have a bunch of different uses. I can shove baits into it one day for a quick fishing trip and on a summer weekend when my bass boat stays parked, we can throw our “fun gear” in it for an evening on the water. We have a few beach trips coming up and you can bet we’re going to have the Buzbe Fast Flatz Bait Bag XL packed and ready to use. It’s going to be an awesome way to keep sand, salt and whatever else out of our phones and other electronics. I can also keep my fishing license in it while I’m down at the beach trying to catch a big snook.

For the level of protection this bag provides, it’s an excellent investment in our humble opinion.

The Buzbe Fast Flatz Bait Bag XL is available at