Favorite presentations


I really liked fishing this bait on both a lightweight Texas rig and weightless. I fished it primarily around the spawn, so I was either dragging it through and around beds or buzzing it around fry guarders. Like most baits used in these two situations, fish often waked on it before taking the bait, so you have to be paying attention and sometimes drop your rod to let the fish take it if you’re reeling it.

It also worked well rigged weightless on the 4/0 EWG but I went back to more of a standard offset worm hook for the Texas rig; that’s just a personal preference of mine. I think the narrower gap hook hangs up on trash a little less when dragging a worm on the bottom like that. But with both setups, the density of the worm did really well. The material was durable enough not to tear during the presentation and then tore when it needed to on the hookset. In my opinion, that’s all you can ask for there.