Extending the life of a chunk trailer


I’m not sure if professional angler Scott Suggs was the first to do this one but he’s where I first saw it. Some anglers like to hang a chunk-style trailer on a hook as opposed to threading it up onto a hook and securing it with the trailer keeper. This makes for a free-flowing presentation with a little more action since the bait isn’t rigidly held in place by the hook shaft and trailer keeper. The only problem is that when rigged this way, fish tend to snatch a chunk trailer off the hook or throw it during the fight.

To combat this, you can take a toothpick and run it through the meaty part of the chunk from side to side. Then clip the excess off of each side, cutting the toothpick back til the ends are flush with the soft plastic. Now when you run the hook point below the horizontal piece of toothpick and through the chunk, you have a much more durable trailer. Where the hook could easily rip through a little soft plastic before, now the hook would have to either break the toothpick or pull it all the way through the bait sideways, which is quite difficult to do.

These little wooden sticks can come in quite handy whether you’re looking to touch up baits, apply a little glue or peg a weight. And we’ve seen there are several ways to use a toothpick to secure a soft plastic. Surely there are other uses on the water for them as well. If you have a toothpick trick, by all means share it with us on social media and we may just write another one of these down the road with some of your ideas.