zoom fluke for bass fishing

This is one of those fun baits to review because I’ve had a ton of time with it. I’ve fished with the original Fluke now for at least 15 years and caught lots of fish with it. One particular trip comes to mind when dad and I were fishing a tournament on Lake Guntersville. We found some pretty good schooling fish in a pocket but were unable to get them to pay any attention to a topwater, lipless crankbait or variety of other lures we threw at them.

After fishing for them for an hour or so with no luck whatsoever, we began to get pretty frustrated. I don’t remember which of us came up with the idea, but we decided to try a Scrounger rigged with a Fluke on them and proceeded to catch several of the schoolers with our bag topping out around 15 pounds. We were pretty pumped up, having figured out something to trick these particularly picky bass. That is, until, we got back to weigh-in for our first tournament ever on Lake Guntersville and realized 15 pounds was good enough for about 60th place… Irregardless, the Fluke works well on a Scrounger in high-pressure situations.