Excellent adjustability


Some of the older Winch models I’ve used in the past have been a little finicky in my opinion. The Winch Gen 4, however, hasn’t given me a single problem in regards to castability or adjustability. Whether you’re throwing a heavier deep crankbait or a lightweight, flat-sided balsa crankbait, this reel can handle it without frustrating you. When I first got this reel out of the box, it took me about five seconds to get it dialed to my personal preference.

I’ve also noticed how well this reel casts into the wind. With dropping temperatures normally comes some nasty, windy days on the water, so having a non-temperamental reel is essential to remain efficient and, if I’m being honest, keep you in a good mood throughout the day. Nothing can ruin a fishing day quicker than constant backlashes.

But I can be fishing down a protected bank with this reel and of course, have no problem at all making accurate casts. As I’m coming out of that protected pocket and want to make a cast on a shallow, windblown point, I can still put my crankbait where it needs to be without fiddling with the settings of this reel. I think even novice anglers will find this reel easy to operate and adjust on the fly.