Excellent abrasion resistance


This is probably one of the better fluorocarbons I’ve tested lately in regards to abrasion resistance. In my opinion, the two biggest tests for this are cranking riprap and catchign striped bass.

When I crank riprap, my squarebill is right on the bank, constantly banging against every rock I can run across. It’s easy to overlook how much abuse your line goes through when you’re doing this. You might as well just take a piece of line and run it across a rock in your yard for 30 minutes. Cranking riprap is incredibly tough on fishing line. This Yo-Zuri Top Knot 100% Fluorocarbon, however, resists nicks and cuts excellently. I used one rod to crank riprap for four straight fishing trips and I purposely didn’t retie. On the last of my four trips, I caught a 3-pound bass and this line handled it wonderfully.

Striper and hybrid fishing is also tough on your line because their gill plates are razor sharp; they’ll cut your hand open in a heartbeat. When I catch them out of deep water especially, the line will often rub against their gill plate and they’ll come right off-it feels like somebody just cut your line with scissors. I’ve caught several big stripers on this Yo-Zuri Top Knot 100% Fluorocarbon and haven’t lost one yet. It will get frayed after a few fish catches due to contact with the gill plate, but so far, it hasn’t been enough to make me lose a fish.