Every effort to keep water out


I commend 13 Fishing on making every effort to keep water out of the bait. With hollow body baits like this, it’s inevitable that some water will get inside the body, at which point the angler will have to give the bait a quick squeeze or two to evacuate the water and then go back to fishing. This frog is different from any other I’ve ever fished with in that 13 Fishing incorporated a rubber collar around the shaft of the hook to help seal the hole where the hook enters the frogs.

In addition to this, 13 Fishing added a little blowhole in the top of the frog so that air could still escape and the frog could collapse on the strike. This system works well, but I will say the efforts to keep water out do make it a little harder to empty the frog once a little water inevitably gets in. Really though, it’s no big deal since a couple more squeezes and you’re ready to go again.