Ever Green Grass Ripper


Available in one-quarter-, three-eighth- and half-ounce sizes, the Grass Ripper comes in ten proven colors based on Z-Man and Ever Green’s already popular ChatterBait JackHammer series. Weed guards in black, brown or clear blend with the jig’s primary color pattern, while its high-quality heavy-gauge, 4/0 custom bait-holder hook is a nod to the serious big-bass potential here in North America.

Engineered to swim strait and not roll over, the Grass Ripper’s ability to come through grass nice and clean opens new avenues for anglers to explore. Whether looking to fill a limit, set a new personal best, or simply enjoy a day of solid bassin’ at your favorite honey hole, these jigs offer a serious edge. With a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $7.49 to $8.49, they are nearly indestructible, affordable, and sure to help you pull more big bass from the subsurface lawns others avoid