Establishing some semblance of order


Hopefully your bass fishing tackle isn’t in quite the state of disarray mine was in, since mine was as far from the OCD order I like to keep things in as it has ever been before. For my spring cleaning to begin, I had to do nearly a complete clean sweep and just start over from scratch. In order to get the ball rolling so I could do a thorough inventory, I had to start with storage. I lined up my boxes and started sorting things out.

I like to mix it up with my storage options, both in the sizes and shapes of the boxes as well as the brands. I have certain Flambeau, Plano and Bass Mafia boxes along with a few others I really like. The Flambeau 4510 is by far my favorite box for storing the majority of my tackle like soft plastics, hollow body frogs and other baits I like to keep in their bulkier original packaging. The only issue is that this box doesn’t have a waterproof seal, but it does have Zerust components that help to cut down on rust.

Then there’s my Bass Mafia Bait Coffin 3700 Deep that houses the majority of my mid-range to deeper-diving crankbaits. It does have a waterproof seal and can store A LOT of baits. And then there’s the Plano XL Dry Storage which I use to store spools of line and extra reels. So I took all of these boxes that I had and sorted out all my loose lures and packages until things were back in order.