ElaZtech material

z-man elaztech plastic being stretched

If you’ve read many (or any) of the reviews we’ve written on Z-Man soft plastic baits, you’ve heard us talk about ElaZtech by now. Still, it’s always worth noting because it is so different. This material is unique to Z-Man, though they do also use it to make a few baits for Strike King in their 3X series of soft plastics. ElaZtech is super durable, super stretchy and it floats. These three attributes set ElaZtech apart from the materials used to make all other soft plastic baits.

And though there are a few cases where a traditional soft-plastic material might work better, quite often it’s the other way around and these unique attributes of ElaZtech make Z-Man’s soft baits better suited for particular tasks. Let’s look at that relative to the MinnowZ in particular.