Easy to install and use

fishing reel spooling system

This is an easy product to assemble, install and use. But if you get lost, RAILBLAZA was kind enough to include all the directions you could possibly need right there on the box. The packaging is the same, regardless of which version you choose. So there’s instructions for installing or mounting all three versions right there on the box. And again, you’ll be able to troubleshoot any issues that might possibly arise with using this device by simply looking at the box as well.

This is a pretty straightforward product and is a great device that solves a practical problem when it comes to fishing. The Spooling Station is rigid and durable where it needs to be but also adjustable and versatile as well.

I particularly liked the added touch of the integrated brake for adjustable spool tension, as this is one of the key features that really sets the Spooling Station apart in my opinion. RAILBLAZA did a great job with this one, creating something that any angler can use to solve a common problem.

The RAILBLAZA Spooling Stations are available here.