Easier to Store Bag


So you may have heard that these come in a bag, and that for obvious reasons turns guys off on a swimbait because they are worried with bent tails. But that’s not the case with these swimbaits. Because of the formulation and the lack of salt or sand, the swimbaits don’t develop memory in a bag. So the tails won’t bend or stay bent as easily and even if they are slightly turned, because they don’t have memory, they still swim fine.

When you put salt in plastics, the plastics will develop a hard memory and can get bent out of whack. And since the material is more dense and harder, it will stay in that position and be messed up. That’s why you see guys with tackle bags full of clam shells. 

But Tackle HD wanted to provide the most affordable swimbait they could for anglers and make sure the angler didn’t have to worry with all that plastic clamshell waste. So they worked on the formulation specifically to be put in a bag to make it easier to carry for anglers.