Ease of towing


I bought my diesel pickup truck when I was towing my 21-foot fiberglass rig all over the country fishing tournaments. It was a worthwhile investment at the time and I couldn’t even feel that heavy boat behind me, even in the mountains.

These days, however, that old diesel has over 250,000 miles on it and is in the dang shop more than it’s in my driveway. I’ve been reluctantly holding onto it though because my old fiberglass rig is so heavy. If I want to pack up and pull it to Florida, I’d rather have my diesel.

But what if I were to go with an aluminum rig? I could sell my diesel (diesel resale values are insane right now) and buy a low-mileage gas burner and have plenty of money left over. Some of my buddies have told me how lightweight these new tin boats are, so an expensive diesel truck may not be necessary if I choose to go that direction.