e-rig for bass fishing

I’m not sure exactly what to call this little rig, but it’s one a buddy of mine named Neal Webster used a lot on Lake Eufaula to target largemouth bass in shallow water. That’s why we just kind of deemed it the E-rig; short for “Eufaula rig”.

It’s a really simple rig but it gets lots of bites. It’s kind of like a little Carolina rig but without the leader line, swivel, beads and sliding weight. Instead with the E-rig, you simply tie on a hook, slip a soft plastic on it and ease maybe 10 to 12 inches up your line and clamp on a split-shot weight.

Now you have a rig that resembles a small, lightweight Carolina rig in a lot of ways. This is a great setup for fishing shallow flats, seawalls and other areas where you can drag the bait slowly along. Because it is so lightweight, it has to be fished slowly but that’s a large part of the appeal to it and what helps it generate more bites.

It’s also a great setup for blind fishing for bedders. If you believe the bass are spawning in an area but can’t physically see them, this setup works really well. Simply drag it alongside stumps and other cover where a fish might be spawning and, because it moves so slowly, a bedding bass can hardly resist hitting it.