You can catch several fish on one of these baits, and I really like that about it too. The bait is soft, but not ultra-soft like we see a lot these days. I’ve caught 4 or 5 fish at a time on one of these baits without the head even tearing. Bass that would have slung a softer bait 20-feet through the air during the battle.

Even when you do finally tear the head, there’s enough material to pinch a bit off if you’d like and use the bait some more. And the segmented tail isn’t quick to tear off either, which if I had to guess the tail would be the reason for the slightly tougher material. Had this bait been made of ultra-soft plastic, the long tail paired with short strikes would have resulted in a lot of short tails and no fish. Instead you have a bait that will hold up, but is still lifelike and has great action.