Durability and versatility

jig and texas rig for bass fishing

The durability of the Rage Tail Craw is also a key component to the bait’s success. The composition of the soft plastic is tough enough to keep it from tearing easily but also soft enough for the hook to escape and penetrate the fish. The point at which the craw meets the body was perfectly designed to allow for maximum action out of the claws while not compromising on the durability.

This cuts down on a bunch of lost pincers due to short strikes. The body of the bait also fits and holds up well to a 5/0 hook, making it great for pitching, flipping and dragging on a Texas rig.

But where this bait really shines, in my opinion, is as a trailer. You can rig a Rage Tail Craw as a trailer on just about anything you can think of; it’s likely the best football jig trailer of all time. It also works extremely well on a swim jig. You could even rig it on a vibrating jig, buzzbait or spinnerbait, especially if you were wanting to slow roll a black one at night or a white one in shallow, muddy water. With 40 color choices, there’s a Rage Craw to match absolutely anything you want to trail.