Dual External Brake System


You can really dial in this reel. The ELS has a Dual External Brake System with 80 points of cast control. Bruin accomplishes this with a two-part control system on the left of the reel. There’s a ring you can spin and then a dial in the middle you can turn. The dial is gauged by little white dots but actually has four positions since you can set it all the way to the right before any of the dots.

Then the ring ranges from 1 to 10 but actually has an extra click between each number for a total of 20. So 20 clicks on the ring times 4 different positions for the dial means you have a lot to work with. I was throwing a pretty heavy bait when I took this photo so I had the dial set to the third position (two dots) and the ring on 3. It sounds confusing, but in practice it’s very simple and very effective.