Dryer sheets for your compartments

Dryer sheets for your compartments

I’ll admit that I don’t do much laundry. Not out of laziness necessarily but my dang wife has 100 different work tops that are all made out of different materials and need to be washed and dried in all kinds of crazy and specific ways. I guess my lack of laundry duties stem from some type of primal fear because if I screw up her nice clothes somehow, I might have to find another house to sleep in. 

But I digress. 

After a full night of research regarding spider tendencies in an attempt to eradicate my life of tiny spiders, however, I was able to scrounge up (steal) some dryer sheets from our laundry room. Using the same principle as the peppermint spray, these little sheets screw with the spiders’ ability to smell, they totally freak out and vacate the premises. And sure enough, it worked. 

I tend to stuff these in my compartments because I don’t want to spray stuff on my tackle. That peppermint spray hasn’t messed anything up yet but I’m not willing to spray it in areas where I have thousands of dollars of custom-made crankbaits. I also put them between my seats and underneath my console. I haven’t seen a bug anywhere since I started doing this in conjunction with my bootlegged peppermint spray. 

If you’re planning on taking a break from fishing this fall and winter to get out in the deer stand or the duck blind, I strongly urge you to try these little tricks to keep the nasty bugs and rodents out of your boat; especially if you keep your boat outside. You’ll notice an immediate improvement and you won’t have to buy a bunch of expensive and potentially harmful chemicals to keep your boat clean. 

Your boat will also smell like absolute Heaven, too… which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.