Drop shot in heavy cover?


Often referred to as “power shotting“, fishing a drop shot on heavier tackle can be a game changer in heavy cover. Laydowns, stump fields, fixed-post boat docks and even vegetation are all places you can have great success with this type of modified drop shot rig.

Make sure to adjust your line size and weight accordingly and don’t hesitate to fish it on a casting rod. The main objective is to show them something different and this is also highly effective in situations where the fish don’t sit right on the bottom such as areas where bass relate to cover but are often suspended due to soft mud and silt like tidal rivers.

Bass don’t like soft bottom composition most times. Silt and sediment in the water is like us sitting in a smoke-filled room. It’s hard to breathe and other forage species will suspend off the bottom as well, making a modified drop shot a deadly approach in those scenarios. This also applies to lakes or ponds that have a bottom that’s covered in short grass or moss. They will stay just above that in most cases.

I’ll fish this primarily rigged Texas-style with a variety of plastics. Everything from a traditional 6-inch straight worm all the way up to beefier creature baits and 10-inch worms. I typically prefer a straight-shank hook with a small keeper but I’ve also had great success fishing bigger plastics on heavier EWG-style hooks in some of the thickest cover around, even on straight braid in heavy vegetation at times.