Don’t wait for the boater to call for the net


I’d sure rather have the net and not need it than the other way around. Wouldn’t you? I have to admit, my net moves were pretty dang crummy on my recent trip. Again, it was something I haven’t done in a long time. I fish tournaments largely by myself and I don’t even carry a net in my boat due to personal preference. I looked like a dang sloth running for the net most of the morning.

But I almost messed up and I learned a big lesson from it. My boater set the hook on a fish and I was a little slow to react. He’s fighting a big bass to the boat and my goofy butt is repeatedly asking him if he needs the net. I can assure you he was more focused on that big bass; he wasn’t hearing a thing I was saying.

We landed the fish, but it came within a few inches of coming off. So take it from me-when you see that hookset, grab the net. If it’s not a big one worth netting, you can always scramble back to the back deck.