Don’t freak out if the cold weather comes back

bass with lipless crankbait in mouth

This has happened to me so many times that it’s almost embarrassing. I’d get on a heckuva warm-front bite and I was the best thing since sliced bread, man. I’d go out for a few afternoons and smoke their butts and you couldn’t tell me anything.

… until the cold weather came back, that is.

During the prespawn period, it always seems like we’re teased with a few days of beautiful weather just to be kicked in the gut a week later with some sort of random arctic weather front. One thing I’ve realized, however, is that once the bass make their minds up and move into the shallows, they’re not really leaving, even if the weather turns cold.

This is further evidenced by the MLF Bass Pro Tour on Lake Fork this week. I read a Facebook post yesterday that in just one period, the anglers caught seven bass over 7 pounds and Dustin Connell caught one over 10 pounds. Sure, that’s impressive. But it was also 30 degrees outside and ice was covering the boats and camera gear.

Before that big ol’ cold front came in, those big females committed to moving shallow and they were some true giants. Then that bizarre cold front hit ’em in the mouth and they generally stayed in the same areas. In these situations, the bass might not stay in three feet of water but they won’t go far.

If a similar situation happens to you, I’d suggest targeting just a few feet deeper, on the break lines adjacent from spawning flats. A lipless crankbait or a suspending jerkbait is an excellent way to catch ’em if it gets cold again.