Doesn’t Dig Into Spool


We all have pet peeves. Some people don’t like hearing people chew their food and others can’t stand the thought of someone interrupting them in mid-sentence. I, on the other hand, absolutely cannot tolerate braided line that digs into the spool- I’m not even kidding. Not only will it dang-near rip the rod from your hand while attempting a bomb cast, but it can send your expensive lures flying into the next county.

Throughout my testing with Seaguar Smackdown Braided Line, I’ve loved how well it behaves on the spool. Because I use braid for a lot of my close quarters flipping and pitching, my big hooksets have a tendency to dig the line into the spool, resulting in constant stripping and reeling before making my next cast. This line, however, features a clear outer coating that eliminates any issues with digging.

I’ve been using the 30-pound Smackdown for my walking topwater lures and even when a big bass makes an aggressive boatside run, I can immediately unhook the fish and make another long cast without checking my spool for loops or digs.

I also believe that this clear coating has helped reduce my backlashes. I’d like to say I never do it, but everyone has that “uh-oh” moment every now and then. But this Smackdown is ridiculously easy to cast regardless of wind speed or direction. It comes off the spool smoothly and makes its way through the worm gear and line guides effortlessly.