Does it actually work?

bass with texas-rigged soft plastic in mouth

I’ve heard fishermen argue about fish attractants until they’re blue in the face. I’ve written about this before and I’ve always believed that most fish attractants don’t make fish bite your lure. Instead, they make bass hold on a bit longer after they bite. This gives the angler a little more time to set the hook which, of course, results in a better hookup ratio.

Now, let’s talk specifically about this BaitFuel.

I do believe that BaitFuel makes bass attack your soft plastics more aggressively. I’ve fished behind several buddies while using BaitFuel and trust me, they’re good fishermen; I’m not some prodigy hanging out on the back deck of the boat. But I’ve been catching fish behind my fishing buddies when they’re hardly getting any bites. Again, we can talk about the Fish Active Scent Technology that’s in this BaitFuel and get all complicated with stuff. But I’ll keep it simple and tell you that yes, I do believe this stuff widens your strike zone and helps bass locate and hold onto your bait for a longer period of time.

Is it magic? I’ll never claim that about any product. But I do think it increases your odds of fooling a lethargic bass that may not otherwise be interested in feeding.