Do not get spun out by the top of the frog


This is something that makes folks spend a lot of unneccessary money in my opinion. They’ll have a few favorite frogs and when the color starts to get scratched off the top from teeth marks, they’ll toss the dang frog and go buy another one. To each their own but I’m not about all that. Dust comes out of my wallet when I open it so I want to get every cast I can out of every frog I buy.

The bass do not see the top of your frog. I don’t care if its tye-dyed, rainbow colored, pink or bright purple; I have never seen a bass jump over a frog before biting it just to check what color is on the top. The top colors of a frog catch fishermen. The bottom and side colors catch bass.

As long as you still have a little color on the belly of your favorite old frog, keep throwing the dang thing until it rips apart or the hooks break. In my mind, these battle-scarred frogs are irreplacable and for whatever reason, they just seem to catch more fish. I’m sure it’s just a weird confidence thing, but don’t think a frog needs to be perfect to catch a pile of big bass. If the components are still good and you have a little color left on the belly… send it, man.

With frog season ramping up all around the country, make sure you try these tips. I write these articles to help folks learn from my boneheaded mistakes, so I hope you try some of these things. If you take care of your frogs, you can use ’em for several years without having to constantly replace them.