Ditches you never knew existed


I have fished my home lakes for a long time and honestly, I feel like there’s not much you can show me that will surprise me. After playing around with onXmaps for… I don’t know… maybe 20 minutes, I found some of the most productive ditches I’ve ever found on my local lakes.

When using satellite imagery, ditches are represented by darker colors which, of course, represents deeper water. So whenever I’m looking at a shallow, light-colored flat on satellite imagery, I’m always keeping a close eye out for these darker-colored ditches. These often-small depth changes can make for an enormous feeding opportunity for big bass. The bass will often hide in these ditches and attack prey as it swims overhead. These ditches are perfect ambush points for fat and lazy bass.

Sure enough, in front of one of my favorite docks on my favorite lakes, I noticed a ditch running nearly parallel to the front of the boat dock. I have always had a lot of short strikes about halfway to the boat when fishing this particular dock. I figured it was just finicky fish or something but heck… I think they’ve been sitting in that ditch trying to ambush prey and of course, my boat has been sitting too close to ’em.

Yes, I have electronics on my boat but my contour maps haven’t picked up this small ditch because it’s so diminutive. I’ve even looked at it on my 2D sonar and it’s only a 3- to 4-inch depth change, so it’s nothing that would really pique my interest as I’m casually fishing along. But on satellite mapping, it stands out like a sore thumb.