Develop confidence in new baits


Another area where fishing ponds has definitely helped me become a better big-water fisherman is in the sampling of new baits and techniques. I really like fishing for big fish. But big fish baits are hard to develop confidence in since, quite often, the bites are few and far between. But in a pond, the bites come a lot more often typically and so they’re the perfect training ground for developing confidence in a new bait.

Fishing with a glide bait is a perfect example of this for me. I’ve always wanted to fish with a glide bait more, but it seemed like every time I’d try to fish with it on a big body of water, I’d get bored in the first 20 minutes and put it down to pickup a bait I had more confidence in. Ironically, I’d then throw that crankbait or spinnerbait I picked up for an hour or two without a bite and never bat an eye. I just had more confidence in those though.

But one day I decided to throw a glide bait in a pond. I had some of the most exciting and ferocious strikes I’ve ever had in my life that day. I didn’t catch 20 fish like I might have with a spinnerbait but I did catch 3 or 4 and was able to keep it in my hand without getting bored or discouraged. And that led to me knowing a little more about how to fish it the next time I hit the big water and I then had the confidence to keep it in my hand.