deep caught smallmouth on NRX+

Each NRX+ blank also incorporates an innovative Multi-Taper Design to enhance durability while further decreasing the blank’s weight. A series of “micro tapers” within the overall taper of the rod, G. Loomis’ proprietary Multi-Taper Design process enables rod engineers to use more material on potential stress points and less material everywhere else. The concept was to build this taper technology so you could cater rods to multiple lengths, actions and powers to fit literally any bass fishing technique imaginable. 

Regardless of how you like to fish, you will find a rod that fits your fishing style perfectly. Again these are impressive advances that overcome the issues you have with standard rod lines where there is a tradeoff between sensitivity, action and power. In other words, you’ll find a few really great rods in every rod series but then a lot that aren’t perfect. The NRX+ gets you a lot closer to a perfect rod for every situation.

Equipped with a hybrid guide train, NRX+ rods feature Fuji Titanium stripper guides with SiC inserts as well as ultra-light, ultra-strong RECOIL guides – made from a nickel-titanium memory alloy. That means you get long accurate casts and a lifetime of durability. It’s maximizing an investment in the perfect bass fishing rod.