Deflects nicely


While I wouldn’t consider the Frittside 5 a true squarebill, I’ve been fairly pleased with how well it deflects off of cover. I’ve fished it around rocks, laydowns, stumps and boat docks throughout my testing and it has done a great job of coming through all types of cover.

You’ll have to be a little careful with it around laydowns, but with a little patience and practice, you can worm it through the limbs without many snags.

I was a little concerned about the bill when I first took it from the package. The bill has a seam running up the middle of it which really made me worry about its potential lack of durability. So far, however, each and every bill has stayed intact and I haven’t had any issues. It still kind of tweaks me out to see that seam but heck, it hasn’t caused any problems yet and it’s fishing like the day I took it out of the package.